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Technical Translation

High-Quality Technical translation requires two key elements: knowledge of the subject matter and linguistic skills!

We offer our technical translation services to a limited number of industries and markets and a restricted number of language pairs. We do not claim to be able to translate everything and into or from all languages, as do many of our competitors, who hold large databases of low-payed translators. We do around 90% of our translation volume internally by someone who has a sound knowledge in the field.

We have invested large sums of money in specialised books and technical magazines (see our technical library item) and systematically gathered an enourmous quantity of electronic files from the key players of each targeted industry or market, even though some of the documents are really bad translations from the source files.

Browse through the different entries and, should you still have any doubt about our skills, simply ask for a free test. We do not do what other competitors do, namely, to supply their prospect customers translation tests done by highly-skilled translators whom they cannot pay once they have won a new customer. As a result, those new customers receive the requested translations with lower quality, since they are done by lower-payed translators who also took part in the test. We cannot only say this, but we can provide evidence for this. There are also customers where the people responsible for their translations do not unterstand the subjetct matter and provide terrible tranlations. We cannot only say this, but we can provide evidence for this.

Knowledge-based translation!