Technical Library


Technical Library

Well-assorted technical library!
Being up-to-date with technology for those not involved directly in every industry requires the help of specialised books, magazines, and electronic documents from key manufacturers and publishers.

Over the last 25 years we have gathered a huge technical library that covers most of our targeted industries.

Our technical library includes:

* Some 2,000 specialised printed books from the most reputed publishers worldwide (in 5 languages)
* Around 111,000 electronic documents in 50 technical fields and subfields (6 languages)
* Around 90 specialised printed dictionaries
* Client glossaries and terminology databases created in MS Office and Multiterm/TermStar
* 17 technical magazines on a subscription basis (English, German, and Spanish publishers).
* Several hundreds of single issues and some complete years of several technical magazines (in 5 languages).
* Huge amount of electronic technical magazines
* Standards.
* CD-ROM and DVD catalogues from manufacturers.
* Customer Documentations (from the approx. 20,000 translation projects completed so far).

We keep purchasing specialized books, dictionaries, and technical magazines on a regular basis. We invest approx. 2% of our turnover in carefully picked publications. Our technical library is managed and stored in Word files. The whole technical library is classified in 22 disciplines. For any area of interest, do not hesitate and request the appropriate file for you to get an insight into our reference materials (e. g. BIBLIO-Power, BIBLIO-Welding, BIBLIO-Railways, BIBLIO-Plastics, BIBLIO-Automotive, BIBLIO-Automation+Robotics, BIBLIO-Electrical, BIBLIO-Electronics, BIBLIO-Wood, BIBLIO-Metals, BIBLIO-Wind&Solar, BIBLIO-Manufacturing, BIBLIO-Plastics+Rubber, BIBLIO-Drives, BIBLIO-HydraulicsPneumatics, BIBLIO-Telecomms, BIBLIO-LightSoundMusic, BIBLIO-MedicalDevices, BIBLIO-Photo, BIBLIO-HVAC, BIBLIO-GraphicArts, BIBLIO-Gas).