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DTP Software

Broad DTP software coverage for PC and Mac!
We have been using DTP software (both for PC and Mac platforms) from the very beginning. We have long-term experience with the following DTP applications (updated December 1, 2016):

* Frame Maker (up to 12.0 for PC/up to 6.5 for Mac)
* Quark Xpress (up to 2015 for PC/Mac)
* Adobe InDesign (up to CC 2017 for PC/Mac)
* Page Maker (up to 7.0 for PC/up to 6.5 for Mac)
* Interleaf (5.4, 6.2, 7.0)
* Corel Ventura (up to 10.0 for PC)
* Rag Time (3.2 for Mac)
* MS Office (up to MS Office 2013)

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