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CAT Tools

The combined power of CAT tools plus digital dictation and transcription equipment!

Using both CAT tools and digital dictation and transcription equipment has allowed us to achieve high levels of productivity, quality, and efficiency. Also consistency is improved to a great extent- Through dictation text omissions are very rare. Working as a team with two DTP typists (sometimes up to four), who have been trained to use CAT tools in combination with digital transcription equipment allows productivity to be brought to the highest levels that can be achieved in today's computer environments.

While typing the texts, our DTP and CAT specialists complete a series of Quality Control Checks such as

* Formatting
* Numbering and Bullets
* Consistency
* Completeness
* Omissions
* Page breaks
* Table of Contents and Index
* Trade Names, Product Names, and People's Names
* Data values and unit conversions
* Captions in Figures
* Spelling

Once a first good version of the translation is obtained, the whole translation is checked against the source file (in parallel arranged windows or directly in the CAT tool) and edited until the final version is obtained.
We have a broad experience with the following CAT tools:

* Trados Workbench 8.3
* Tag Editor
* SDL Trados 2011, 2014, 2017
* STAR Transit XV, NXT
* across (up to 6.3)
* Wordfast (up to 2015)
* MemoQ (up to 2018)
* MemSource

Terminology Databases:

* Access
* Multiterm
* TermStar

Software Localisation:
* Sisulizer
* Linguist
* Passolo
* QLinguist
* Notepad++

Knowledge-based translation!