Your Iberian Partner for Technical Translations


A flat rate for technical translations is not available. The rates depend on the language pair, document type, document length, difficulty, and urgency. Also on the calculation basis (character or word basis).

Translation from English and German and to a smaller degree from French and Italian into Spanish means that text expands in the target language. Some customers prefer counts in the source language, others in the target language. We have rates for both rate systems.

When pretranslations exist and these are of bad quality, you cannot expect from us to edit pretranslated text for free.

You can request a non-binding cost estimate for your documents to be translated. Simply send an email with the files to be translated attached to it. For very big files or whole folders you can use our FTP site. Please contact us to obtain the user login data to upload the files.

Check the Contact tab for contact details.

Knowledge-based translation!