Your Iberian Partner for Technical Translations


FJR (FACH-Übersetzungen JanaRitz)

was set up 25 years ago. At the time, the demand for professional specialised technical translations into Spanish in Spain was very strong. Our Managing Director, J. M. Janariz, (Electrical Eng.), soon realised that high-tech companies were looking for translation quality rather than cheap translations. In a first stage, we decided to contact companies in the electrical, electronics, machine tool, and automation industries and, after a period of diversification, in a few other industries, too (cf. Services, Specialty Fields).

Our global orientation has been part of our strategy from the very beginning of our operations. Our services target West European, North American, and Japanese markets. Hence the business was given an appropriate name to enter a highly competitive and demanding market: Germany. And the choice was successful. After winning many customers there, an expansion into other countries followed. The yearly growth in terms of customers that turned to us for better technical translation services was very strong for the first 10 years. We soon realised that our customers were quite satisfied with our performance, which provided a strong stimulus towards our goals.

Our two offices, located in two of the most dynamic and strong industrial regions in Spain, allow us close contact to many high-tech companies.

Our resources (human, hardware, software, technical library, and high productivity through dictation) allow us to achieve a performance that is hard to beat, and we cannot only tell it (as it is nowadays often the case with the many language service providers offering capabilities in all languages and all specialty fields at attractive prices), but we have already proved it.

We are interested in the products and services manufactured or supplied by the companies we contact. We have followed some 120 Trade Fairs worldwide in many Western Countries.

Although we are not perfect, our goal is to provide a service that clearly outstands in terms of quality, productivity, price, and reliability for only a few select industries and language pairs.

Put us to the test, and you will find out why the great majority of our customers took a chance and ever since stayed with us.

Knowledge-based translation!